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The Cuban Center for Strategic Studies

The Cuban Center for Strategic Studies (CCSS) Goals

The CCSS is a Cuban American research and analysis institution in the area of Cuba’s political-military issues based in Miami Florida USA that focuses on the understanding of our historical success and failures in order to apply strategic thoughts to the problems of the future. To achieve these goals we are guided by a distinct set of values; independent ideas, cultural diversity, integrity and realistic analysis, integrated in a solid creed of freedom and the rule of law for Cuba.

The initial board of trustees, chaired by Pedro V. Roig, Esq. is composed of highly distinguished and accomplished individuals who provide overall direction and leadership to CCSS. They bring the professional and cultural perspective of three generations of Cubans and Cuban Americans at a time of great historical development in Cuba. Janisset Rivero, MA, Leon Hirzel, Esq. and Richard Kuper, Esq. who have dedicated their allegiance to solve complex issues of human rights and justice for all.

The Cuban Center for Strategic Studies arises from the urgent need to collect and update the political, social and economic situation in Cuba. This need has become crucial after the massive protests led by the Cuban people as of July 11, 2021. The protests took place in a disadvantageous political framework for the regime.

The military elite that rules Cuba has remained in power for 62 years thanks to various factors: coercion, brutal repression, the participation of the regime in drug trafficking and other illicit activities in the international arena, the use of propaganda and disinformation inside and outside the Island and the concentration of economic power in the hands of a military oligarchy that controls the destiny of the country in a totalitarian way.

Until July 11, 2021, the growing popular discontent on the island was known only to the Cuban people, and to some scholars and activists who have kept their radar on Cuba for a long time. However, this massive response from the people in their clamor for freedom took everyone by surprise, including the military elite in power. The world was able to see first-hand the true dimension of the struggle that Cubans are waging in the face of the fierce repression of the military regime that controls power. 

Who are they? How is their totalitarian power structured? How were they chosen to fill those positions and why? Is the power they wield legitimate?

This is the first CCSS thoughtful analysis of several issues, presented by the military who holds power in Cuba and the corrupted economic and political structure that sustain them.


Pedro V. Roig, Esq.

Roig holds an undergraduate and master’s degree from the University of Miami and earned his Juris Doctorate from St. Thomas University. Following law school, Roig had the privilege of being mentored by a Miami legal icon, attorney Burton Young.

Roig’s professional career is diverse. He is not only an attorney, but also a historian, educator, author, and champion of advancing human rights and individual liberties. At a young age, he integrated the Christian Democratic Movement in Santiago de Cuba. (Led by Jose Fernandez Badue). In August 1960 he joined Jorge Más Canosa in Miami, where they became active in the Radio Swan freedom messages to the island. Roig is a veteran of the Brigade 2506 and has remained fully committed in the long historical fight (60 years) for Cuba’s liberty. He has written several books including “Death of a Dream,” a comprehensive history of Cuba, as well as the “Cuban War of Independence 1895—1898.”

From 1970 to 1985, Roig was Director of the Interamerican Military Academy, a K to 12 coed-bilingual school that achieved remarkable success in its graduates college placements and personal achievements.

In 1991, Roig was appointed by President George H.W. Bush to the National Advisory Board of Education, where he served for four years. In 2003, Roig was appointed by President George W. Bush as Director of the Office of Cuban Broadcasting (Radio and Television Marti). On June 11, 2003, Roig testified before the United States House of Representatives Committee on International Relations and in September 2010 he received the Superior Accomplishment Award from the National Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) for his outstanding leadership in fulfilling Radio and TV Marti’s mission. In 2011, Roig joined the Institute of Cuban and Cuban-American Studies (ICCAS) at the University of Miami.


Janisset Rivero, M.A.

Leon F. Hirzel, Esq.

Richard Kuper, Esq.

Cuba Center for Strategic Studies

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